Ajonit's Mission

Ajonit Software LLP is an e-Learning company that help professionals learn IT skills at an affordable cost. This is a registered entity by the Registrar of Companies, Government of India. We have partnered with several global organizations to provide them with high-quality IT education. We operate a number of websites related to Information Technology. Some of them are Learn QTP, Learn LoadRunner. Our corporate clients include:

Ajonit's Corporate Clients

Founder: Ajonit Software LLP is a brainchild of Ankur Jain –  a B.Tech with Electronics & Communication degree. After having worked with Accenture & Oracle in various roles, he started Ajonit Software LLP in 2010. Ankur Jain In his words;

My aim is to bring quality IT education and ultimately basic education at an affordable pricing for anyone across the globe. I sincerely believe that lack of education is the root-of-all-evil.

While Ajonit Software LLP is a for-profit initiative, Ankur plans to formally start a non-profit entity to help the needy. A part of Ajonit Software LLP revenues go to various charity organizations every year. You can connect with Ankur at twitter, Google+ or email.